Open Continents

A cinematic exploration in global storytelling.


Julius Onah is a film director well recognised for The Cloverfield Paradox(2018) and Luce. He wanted to create a global storytelling project called Open Continents, which is a collection of Onah’s work, including short, feature motion pictures and music videos. Open Continents explores the perspectives and culture of individuals from all corners of the world.

Julius reached out to us with a vision in mind. He wanted to create a main interface of a globe presenting the continents. He wanted to feature his collection with clickable pinpoints on specific continents, which would present the user with a list of individual movie titles. The user clicks on a film or clip to view them. The goal was to create a functionality, aesthetic and interface for the site that rep­resents the tone and mission of the project.

We sought out our designer friends at Toyfight who were responsible for the design and user experience for this collaboration. We handled the whole development aspect including the front-end and back-end development, as well as 3D WebGL elements.

We enjoyed working on this project and it was a pleasure to collaborate with Julius and Toyfight!

Julius Onah
WebGL, Front-end Development, Back-end Development


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